Collegamento al sito
  Back was born in 2002,with the acquisition of ten-year experience by a local firm of metallic carpentry.

The manufactoring plant,located in the industrial zone in Cefalý(Palermo,Italy),is well connected with the highway and navalway.

Since years attends to workshop designing and costruction of metallic,heavy or light,,carpentry. accomplished works in different italian provinces and,meantime,it had acquired basilar experience in metallic structures,assuring a costant advising starting from the designig,to the settin,until the work accomplishment,with professionality and respect for delivery limits. offers to the market work for urbane and industrial structures,sheds that could cover wide lights withouth mid-span supports,

fire escapes,back starirs,stairs with two or four pillars,spilar staircases,lofts and flying bridges.

Temporary structures optimally embrace prefab technique and the possibily to achieve complety the work with thebenefits belonging to

Steel structures (lightness,quickness in production,duration and stability)